Something you ought to know about yourself if you ride a bike in Denver
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I'm headed west on 16th Avenue, in the bike lane, and the light at Park turns red, so I stop, in the bike lane, to wait for it. I hear a car, maybe two cars behind me, and I'm thinking "Jesus Christ, is it hot. Man. I sure wish I had been a few seconds faster so I could have ..."
And I heard a voice behind me, probably someone in the car singing? Talking on a cell phone?
"blah blah blah bike blah ... blah blah blah fucking bike blah..."
I turn around. The guy driving a mid-90s green Chevy Suburban yells, and since he only has one window down, I can barely hear him,
"Get your fucking bike and get moving."
Then he stares at me: "Get your fucking bike and get moving."
I say, "Do you need to turn?" I mean, I'm on the right side of the road, but if he hadn't pulled up right behind me, I wouldn't be in his way.

"Get your fucking bike and get moving!"
"I can move," I say, walking my bike over to the left, into the traffic lane, obviously not fast enough. At this point, a couple walking on the sidewalk has stopped, and are listening intently, the guy's mouth agape at what he's hearing.
"Yeah," the guy in the Suburban says, nodding, like I'm stupid. As soon as there's a Suburban-wide space for him, he pulls forward. As he's driving past me and I'm looking right at him through his open window, (I'm smiling at this point because I just can't believe it) he says right to me,
"I don't mean to be an asshole, but you guys are all assholes. All of you."
I burst out laughing, watching him drive off in his Suburban. Laughing laughing laughing. I look over at the couple on the sidewalk, and the guy is still in total disbelief, not laughing. I can't believe he's not laughing. I mean, did you hear that shit?
Of course, the light was green by that point, so I flipped my bike around and started riding. I could not stop laughing. Seriously could not stop laughing. I was turning on to Sherman before I was able to turn off my smile -- I'm sure everyone riding or driving the other way just thought I was high, or an idiot.
Oh, and that happened as I was riding to the BikeDenver meeting.

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