Near head on collisions are good sources of inspiration
0 comment Wednesday, April 16, 2014 |
Saturday night I met my friends Scott and Jen at Salvagetti to go to a show down at the Hi-Dive. I was less than a block from my apartment traveling westbound on 12th Ave when a car nosed out of the north side of Marion. He saw me at the last second and stopped, halfway onto 12th already. I gave him my typical and favorite response for this type of incursion: the infamous "you are so stupid" slow head shake.
I continued on my way down 12th Avenue, thinking to myself, "Hey, maybe I can do a post about the head shake!"
Five blocks later I�m at 12th and Clarkson. A car is heading eastbound on 12th and decides they want to take a left onto Clarkson, and that the most efficient way to do this would involve driving right over me. I see the driver start to take their left, so I veer to my left in an attempt to avoid them on their passenger side. This is the moment at which they finally notice that their 1.5 ton vehicle is about to collide with the combined 185 pounds of my bike and I. The driver then attempts to correct his wrong by going back into his lane. Seeing that I'm now traveling down the wrong side of the road to avoid them, they then re-correct their trajectory to continue down Clarkson, while I�m screaming absolute bloody murder and raining a shower of profanity on them. I successfully avoid dying as per my original evasive action plan. Turns out I would have a lot more to blog about than I thought.
In summation, I am going to turn 12th Avenue into a bike path and pedestrian mall if I have to do it myself with guerrilla reconstruction.