My New Attention Getter
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Yesterday I attended D.U.'s LiveStrong Day event, which was joined by Lance Armstrong himself. We were supposed to do a bike parking corral, but since it rained all morning, we knew no one would bike there and we canceled it. This allowed me to ride there instead of driving with a car full of racks, so I was happy.
The organizers were handing out all sorts of nice schwag; bracelets, frisbees, chapsticks, etc. I re-appropriated some of their decor for another purpose. A bright yellow LiveStrong balloon now adorns my rear fender in my newest trial of a car "attention getter".

The picture doesn't quite show the balloon in all its resplendent glory since the wind is blowing it forward. But I assure you, dear reader, while traveling at 15 MPH, that thing is all over the place, and hard to miss.
I was on bike paths most of the way home, so I haven't tried it out extensively, but I can tell you that almost every cyclist I saw was staring at it. I would say that thus far, it proves effective.
This isn't really relevant to the story, but I don't care, I'm throwing this pic up just because:

BTW... Lance is my height, but his ribcage is noticeably larger than mine by about 1/3rd. Having grown up a swimmer, and spent a lot of time around bike racers and runners, he probably has the largest ribcage (and presumably lungs) of any six footer I've ever met.

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